Welcome to St. Luke's Episcopal Church

St. Luke's Episcopal Church is a growing, dynamic community, with programs for children, youth, families and people of all ages.

We worship in our sanctuary (which holds over 450), our chapel, and memorial garden (which each hold 50). Sometimes we even worship in the parish hall. And sometimes, like when we do our family-friendly Good Friday Stations of the Cross service, we use all four and then some! Read more

From the Rector

What Makes the Episcopal Church Unique?

Beginning this Sunday we will start a new series called Episcopal 101. Episcopal 101 will balance content with conversation, highlighting our tradition's commitment to serious, open-minded inquiry.  

Here we will have the opportunity to delve into an array of subjects--theological, Biblical, historical, ethical, spiritual, liturgical, etc.--from a uniquely Episcopal perspective.

There will be a different topic for each gathering. This Sunday we begin with the most basic question of all: "What is Episcopal?" That is, what is the nature of our tradition and what does the word "episcopal" mean?

Join us for this monthly, Sunday morning 9:30am gathering in the Library to find out what makes the Episcopal Church unique--and uniquely valuable for our time.

-Fr. Abshire+

Each week the Rector or the Associate Rector will focus on
how God is continuing to call St. Luke's into new life in Christ.

New to the Episcopal Church?

“A lot of us have burned out on our faith at some point—or been cast out. Maybe... someone’s gender or some other part of their identity excluded them from service. Maybe we were told we had to choose between science and faith. Or maybe we were just beaten down by the relentless drum of condemnation.

The Episcopal Church is a refuge, a respite, a place where we can come as we are and learn to receive grace again.” - Ben Irwin