Your prayers matter!

Everyone is encouraged to pray daily on behalf of our church. Use your own words, or this Prayer for the Parish.

Scroll down for how to pray the Daily Office at home.

May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace in believing
through the power of the Holy Spirit. - Romans 15:13

Joining in Prayer Around the Church, Around the State and Around the World

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer (weekly list of prayers for other churches and ministries in Colorado)

Anglican Cycle of Prayer (daily list of prayers for churches and bishops around the world)

Lay Intercessory Prayer

There are many ways to love one’s neighbor, but intercessory prayer—praying on behalf of other people—has got to be one of the most powerful.

Is there any way we can pray for you?

Do you have a need or concern that is weighing on your heart?

St. Luke’s has an active team of Lay Intercessory Prayer Warriors that serve each Sunday to intercede on the prayer requests of our church family, friends and those needing prayer.

Prayer Intercessors are available every Sunday during Holy Communion. Each intercessor has been trained to receive the concerns and thanksgivings of parishioners seeking prayer support. Requests for blessings and/or God's grace and guidance are received at St. Claire's Oratory (near the prayer candles and icons at the rear of the Nave). Your prayer request will be treated with great respect; you honor us by letting us pray for you. The Intercessory Prayer Group keeps all requests confidential.

One member of the Intercessory team serves at the 8 am service and two members serve 10:30 a.m. petitioners.

We welcome anyone who may feel called to be an intercessor to be part of this sacred ministry. You will be scheduled to serve once a month following a brief training session. Please call the office at 970-493-7512 for more information.

Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is an order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church and churches in communion with it. Included in our membership are Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic women.

At St. Luke’s, the Ruth Chapter meets twice a month for prayer and fellowship. Our meetings are on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 p.m. in the library. We are identified by our silver cross worn at all times.

Even if you are not a member, you can download a free daily devotional app here (Android, iTunes).

The order was founded in 1885 and has chapters all over the world. Founded as a religious order, each Daughter takes a lifetime vow to live Our Rule of Life which requires a spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service and evangelism. Read more about the national organization here.
Once a year the Daughters at St. Luke’s Ruth chapter renew their vows.  The Daughters pray for individual members of the Parish each month as well as the needs of many as they are brought to our attention. There are currently 19 active members.  Our rules do not allow us to raise funds, so our financial support comes from the members. The order has sponsored a Haitian child for many years.  We pray for our clergy, members of the parish, and other concerns that are brought to us. We encourage you to bring us your prayer requests and please be assured they are confidential.
At St. Luke’s, the Ruth Chapter meets twice a month for prayer and fellowship. Our meetings are on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 p.m. in the library. We are identified by our silver cross worn at all times.

Any women interested in the Daughters of the King can contact chapter president Jody Johnson.


Praying the Daily Office: Getting Started

If you’d like to get started praying the Daily Office with The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) on your own, here are three ways to begin.

Pray the Daily Devotions

If joining with others is not convenient, then please consider joining the overall church in praying as you are able, but by yourself:

  • Choose one or more of the Daily Devotions from pp. 137-140 of The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): Morning, Noonday, Evening, Close of Day.

  • Consider substituting the psalms or readings from the Daily Office Lectionary on pp. 934-1001.

  • Use the Mission St. Clare Daily Office website. (Once there, click the image to go directly to Morning or Evening Prayer for today.)

Learn Morning Prayer

There are many ways to learn the Office but this is one suggested by C.W. McPherson in Grace At This Time. Plan to follow this routine for about a month to give it a fair trial! We suggest starting with Morning, but you could start with Evening instead.

  1. Pick a set time and place for Morning Prayer. Try to stick to your choice for four weeks.

  2. Don’t add in Evening Prayer or Noonday or Compline until after the four weeks.

  3. Begin with the Invitatory (BCP, 80) Lord, open our lips and the Glory to the Father. Say the Venite (BCP, 82).

  4. Find the psalms of the day in the Daily Office lectionary on pages 934-1001. The psalm or psalms for Morning are to the left of the typographic symbol . The lectionary will also tell you which Bible lessons to read.

  5. Read the first lesson from the Old Testament. Then say the first canticle (BCP, 85-96). You’ll find the table for canticles on page 144.

  6. Read the second lesson from the Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Then say the second canticle. You’ll find the table for canticles on page 144.

  7. Say the Apostle’s Creed (BCP, 96).

  8. Say the Lord’s Prayer (BCP, 97). Follow it with Suffrages A.

  9. Say two prayers to close: The Collect for the Day (this changes weekly; find it on pages 211-261) or one of the seven daily collects provided (98-100) followed by one of the three prayers for mission (100-101).

  10. Finish with the closing verses beginning with Let us bless the Lord (BCP, 102).

This is a short office, but if you need to cut it shorter, use only one lesson from scripture, omit the Apostle’s Creed and Suffrages, and finish with only one prayer.

More Recommendations

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

  • An online tutorial presents another method that provides a "place to come to learn how to pray the Daily Office."

  • The complete text for each Daily Office is available online. Appropriate videos and music are often included.

  • An audio presentation for most of the different services is available.

  • The Daily Office (and many other items in the church) follow the church year, but where are we in the Liturgical Calendar?

It is our hope that you can join us and the worldwide church in our prayers.