The Parish Choir sings at the 10:30 a.m. choral worship service on Sundays from September through May/June.

  • The Parish Choir, consisting of approximaytely two dozen women and men, is open to adults and teens of all musical abilities, and accepts new singers throughout the year.
  • Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30 p.m. and prior to worship (Sundays 9:30-10:15 a.m.). 
  • The choir schedule runs September through the end of May.

Listen to the choir sing:

Youth Choir (VOICE for LIFE)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church is hosting the program VOICE for LIFE, a fun and educational youth choir training program from the Royal School of of Church Music in America, and welcomes youth from both churches.

Middle school and high school students welcome. Third through 5th graders contact Kay Williams for permission, or for information on the program.

The Organ at St. Luke’s (Lawrence Phelps, Opus 1)

The Lawrence Phelps organ was built in 1974 using French organ-building principles of the eighteenth century. As such, the stop disposition includes many mutations characteristic of the classic French organ.

The Phelps organ is encased with each division in its own case. The Grand Orgue is positioned at the top center of the case with the Positiv directly below (and closest to the organist and choir). The Pedale is divided on either side of the manual divisions. The facade pipework of the Grand Orgue and Positiv is 85% tin while the facade pipes of the Pedale are flamed copper. The key action is mechanical which gives the organist complete control over the speech of each pipe.

 Photo: Paul Avery

Photo: Paul Avery

    Mechanical action, 56 note keyboards, 32 note pedal board, electric combination (8 general combinations, 6 divisional combinations available) and stop action. Equal temperament.

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