Church Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 2 pm; Friday: closed
St. Luke's church office and St. Luke's Preschool are closed on legal holidays and on days the Poudre School District is canceled due to inclement weather.

2000 Stover St., Fort Collins, CO 80525
970-493-7512 (extensions under clergy & staff photos)

Parish Vestry

What is a Vestry?

Our function is administrative, involving finance, management, and policy decisions. But our deeper role is to further the mission of St. Luke's and Christ's church in the world, as a unifying force for good. We offer our service as stewards and caretakers within this spiritual framework.

There are nine Vestry members, and we serve staggered 3-year terms. That means each year, a new set of 3 people replaces a set whose term is up. Hence there is always a balance between change and continuity. In addition, the Vestry "team" includes the vital offices of Clerk and Treasurer.

If you have questions about St. Luke's, or would like to learn more about the Vestry, please let us know.

Our names are below, and you can email us c/o the church office or at the role emails linked next to names.


Jeni Forbes -
Carmen Schell - Senior Warden


Loretta Russell Hoffmann
Carol Hollowed
Ed Gregori - Co-Jr. Warden


Jana Parker
Jason Ranz - Co-Junior Warden
Abby Shupe


Steve Vessey

Ex Officio

Treasurer - Donn DeCoursey
Clerk -Brian Cooke

* Terms finish at the annual meeting in January.






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