Parish Life Ministries at St. Luke’s

Singles on the Go

St. Luke's Singles on the Go is a fun, informal group for those 55 and over.  We meet every Tuesday morning at 9:30 at the coffee shop in Sprouts Market (Lemay and Drake) and once a month (usually the third Tuesday) we go out to dinner at a local restaurant at 5:30 pm.  Please RSVP to Gail McKenzie.  Come join us - we always have a very good time!

Funeral Guild

There are so many things to take care of when someone dies that we have formed a Funeral Guild here at St. Luke’s to take one item off of your list. We are a hospitality team prepared to plan and provide a reception at the church following the service so you can spend time sharing stories and fond memories with friends and family. We are looking for volunteers to donate food on short notice and/or help with setup, serving and cleanup. If you want to be part of this ministry, please contact the Funeral Guild coordinator, Debbie Vessey (970-493-8351).

Landscape Team

The Landscape Team works to keep the landscape around St. Luke's church looking good. Several Saturday work days are held each year for all church members to help out. In addition, the landscape is divided into many smaller areas that are assigned to one or more people for their care. This keeps the landscape maintenance manageable. A master plan for the overall landscape is being developed which will guide our landscape decisions in the future. Opportunities for members to help out with the landscape include:

  • assuming responsibility for a small area,
  • attending work days,
  • helping with work day picnics, and
  • helping with the master plan.

To find out more, please contact the office.