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Roots of the Immigration Crisis: The Reality in Mexico

Soujourn Mennonite Church at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

ISAAC (Interfaith Solidarity and Accompaniment Coalition of Northern Colorado) is excited to present Ms. Soila Luna Pineda, General Coordinator of the human rights organization, Fundación Don Sergio Méndez Arceo, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 

Ms. Pineda will present (in Spanish with translation) a panorama of what is happening in Mexico, the challenges and hopes for the Mexican people with respect to food security, protection of human rights, and protection of the environment. Her presentation will speak to the theme “Roots of the Immigration Crisis: The Reality in Mexico.”

Immigration is at the forefront of national dialogue. Most of what we hear is related to border issues and border security, or ways to transform or restructure the immigration system. The reality in countries south of our border is discussed much less and it is important that we understand and address the root causes leading people to leave their homes and come to the United States.

Ms. Pineda is brought to us by EPIC (Ecumenical Project for International Cooperation), based in Colorado, and which has long term programs in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras upholding human rights and supporting renewable agriculture necessary for sustaining life in those countries.