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Fall Bike to Church Day & 9am Blessing of the Bicycles

Do you normally drive your car to church? Join the growing number of bicycle riders in our Fort Collins community and ride to church on Labor Day Weekend. (Tour de Fat costumes optional.)

We invite you to bike to St. Luke’s on Sunday, September 3, any of the three services (8, 9 and 10am), followed by Silver Grill cinnamon rolls and coffee in the Narthex.

In addition, we will celebrate a Blessing of the Bicycles at the 9:00am Grace in the Garden outdoor service.

As Christians we are called to follow the path of Jesus. When Jesus walked the earth, he led a simple life. He walked on foot, rode on a donkey, or took a boat. Sometimes he skipped the boat and even walked on water. If Jesus was here with us today, how would he travel?

If he lived in Fort Collins, he might ride a bicycle sometimes. He wouldn't always ride a bicycle, but there are times he might. Why would he ride a bicycle? If he saw an opportunity in reaching the lost he probably would. If he saw a way to help someone who is in need he probably would. If it could be an opportunity to commune with God he probably would. If it was a time to meet with His disciples he probably would.

Have you wished to see God's creation at a slower pace on your way to church?

  • Perhaps you have a friend that would like to ride with you who’s never been to church before.

  • Perhaps you like to bicycle and seeking a deeper connection with God and the church.

  • Perhaps you want to ride to church and exercise both your spirit and your body.

  • Perhaps you want reduce your impact on God's creation.

  • Perhaps you want to see our community in a new way and find an opportunity to help someone in need.

This is your opportunity. Take it!

Adapted from National Bike to Church Day.

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