Ethereal Icons on Display at St. Luke's

“The single most popular comment by everyone who sees an Ethereal Icons painting is how joyful it is,” writes Erin Leeper of her original primitive paintings of Madonnas, angels & saints. These inspirational paintings will be displayed through August 7 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 2000 Stover St., Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, and the exhibition was kicked off by a reception on Wednesday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m.

The artist continues “When a viewer gazes upon an Ethereal Icons painting one may notice how happy the subject is. Does this make them smile too? If an Ethereal Icons painting evokes this response, then it has done its job.”

The exhibition is open Monday-Thursday 9am-2p, Sunday mornings from 8-noon, or by appointment. Ethereal Icons paintings may also be viewed online at All paintings in the display are available for purchase.

For more information, please contact Debra Colvin.