Adult Christian Formation

Christian Formation at St. Luke’s is the active process for people of all ages through which the Spirit of God forms the human person in the image of God, enabling them to engage the world on His behalf. We know this image as that which is concretely reflected in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches us how to reflect on and respond to life based on a living relationship with God the Father through Christ. This living relationship is enhanced when we continue with the disciples’ teaching and with each other in dialogue.

Between September and May, our Christian Formation experience includes a Sunday morning education program for adults between our two services (9:30 - 10:15 am).

St. Luke’s also offers a variety of programs during the week in the form of education programs, book studies, and fellowship events. These programs are led by either St. Luke’s clergy, lay members of the congregation, or outside speakers. Since our Christian Formation opportunities during the week vary, be sure to check the schedule for the current programs and times.