Opportunities Open for May-June Week

The next hosting week for FFF is May 28- June 4 and the Signup Genius page is open for you to volunteer and to link to the online background check (if you haven’t done it already). 

There is also one more FFH training before the host week: Sunday, May 21 from 12:30-2:30pm. Please contact Annette Lynch if you have questions and if you plan to attend the May 21 training.

In addition, FFH needs people to help move families into their new homes. The FFH Donation Task Force gathers and stores donations for household furnishings on an ongoing basis. Whenever a family secures permanent housing, task force members take a load of furnishings and household items to give to the family in their new home. If you would like to help with this part of FFH, please contact Annette Lynch, who will forward your name to the task force coordinators. You don’t have to commit to helping every time; you will be put on a list of people to call when the need arises.

What is Faith Family Hospitality (FFH)?

Faith Family Hospitality changes lives!

You and your family have an opportunity to share God's love with local families who are experiencing homelessness.

How? St. Luke's is one of several churches in a rotation that provides a week of housing for 4-5 homeless families. You can volunteer to help with setup, evening or overnight hosting, meal preparation, breakfast food donation, or tear down. Your prayers and good wishes are always most welcome.  

St. Luke’s has transitioned from a host church to a support church role to engage and strengthen our congregational participation in this vital ministry.  For this purpose, FFH has paired St. Luke's with Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. We also plan to further engage the congregation in understanding the magnitude of those experiencing homelessness in our community.

St. Luke’s volunteers will provide their services at Our Saviour’s in 2017 during the following weeks:

May 28-June 4 * August 13-20 * October 29-November 5

Sign Up Here for May 28-June 4

Click on the image to read Dedria's inspiring story!

Click on the image to read Dedria's inspiring story!

About FFH

Faith Family Hospitality is a coalition of 27 Faith communities in the city of Fort Collins, CO. These volunteer congregations provide fellowship, overnight housing, meals and support to local families experiencing homelessness. There are 13 congregations that serve as host sites, and 14 who support and back up that effort. St. Luke's has been very supportive of these congregations in the critical assistance of homeless families. Please check out the website and the blog on the site. It's a great way to get more information about Fort Collins' Faith Family Hospitality program -- its history, what's going on, who's involved, etc.

Family Day Center

Located at 300 E. Oak St. (downtown, NW of the Library) and open 8am to 4pm (volunteers take 2-hr shifts), the center provides guest families experiencing homelessness with a place to work on finding permanent housing or a job, take a shower, do laundry, provide a nap for a baby, or have access to a kitchen. Read more or contact FFH at 970-484-3342 for more information about this opportunity.

Volunteers are always needed at the Day Center, particularly during the upcoming holidays. An FFH Staff member provides details about volunteering or call Steph Thieman (Cell 970-420-2947).

The Day Center is primarily a ministry of presence, striving to be available to those who need it when they need it. They do require background checks for volunteers once they determine if the Day Center feels like a good fit.

Safe Church Training

The Episcopal Church expects individuals working with children in the church to take the Safe Church class. More information about upcoming training opportunities is on the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado website. The class is interesting, fast-paced, interactive and thought-provoking; it's well worth your time.

CLICK HERE to volunteer for the Day Center

UPDATE to video below:
Fawn and Zayden are HOME! Read here.

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New Role Descriptions

On each evening of the week, there are 7 volunteer positions.

One "Point Person" arrives at 5:00 to open the church and stays until 8:30 to be the point of contact should an issue or concern arrive that would require involvement of coordinators. 

Two "Evening Hosts" arrive at 5:00 and set up tables for dinner and stay until 8:30 to be present for the guest families. 

Two other "Meal Preparers" prepare dinner for all the guests at their homes and bring it to the church at 5:30 and serve it between 6:00- 6:30. 

Two "Overnight Hosts" arrive at 8:30 to spend the night at the church and wake the next morning to prepare coffee and make available breakfast food for guest families to take with them when they leave by 7:00. 

Note: For those who have volunteered in the past, there will be some slight changes in how Our Saviour's does their volunteer roles. For example, Our Saviour's requires all volunteers to fill out an online background check prior to volunteering with FFH.

Click each role to read about it.


Not ready to volunteer?

Other ways you can support FFH

Your continued prayers for FFH and its mission, its participating families, and its volunteers are always needed.

FFH also welcomes your financial support to fund the Day Center for guest families and for operating expenses.  Gifts can be made by checks made payable to United Way, with the notation "For FFH" on the memo line. (United Way, 424 Pine St., Fort Collins, CO 80524). You may also make a check payable to St. Luke's, with the notation "For FFH" on the memo line. If you want your donation for FFH to be restricted to St. Luke's FFH hosting efforts, please note "for St. Luke's FFH" on the memo line.


More information

Annette Lynch, St. Luke's FFH Coordinator