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New Ways to Understand and Improve Your Relationship:  Insight From a Couple Therapist

Love is at the heart of our faith and our lives.  But even with the best intentions, we don’t always know how to get love right, even (especially?) in a couple relationship.  You are invited to learn more about the neuroscience of love and how you can use it to create a better relationship with your partner that will enhance the quality of your life.   

Guest speaker Dr. Beth O’Brien, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in Fort Collins with 25 years of counseling experience and special training in the PACT approach.  PACT, created by Stan Tatkin, PsyD, is a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy and uses findings in the fields of neuroscience, emotion regulation, and attachment theory to help couples improve their relationship.  It can be used to enhance almost any relationship, whether brand-new, decades-long, stable or troubled. 

 Dr. O’Brien will explain how understanding attachment styles and the science of the brain and emotions can help you deal with problem areas in a relationship and feel closer and more secure.  There will be in-class exercises for partners and information to take home.   Even if you have tried couple counseling before, you and your partner may find PACT offers surprising new insights and ways to improve your relationship.  

Some PACT highlights that may be covered:

  • The difference between a 2-person system and a 1-person system

  • Why making your relationship a priority does not mean losing healthy autonomy

  •   Eye contact and daily rituals:  why they matter and how to do them right

This special event is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 2000 Stover St., and will include light refreshments.  We would appreciate knowing that you plan to attend.   All are welcome, whether currently in a relationship or not.    Reserve your spot(s) by calling or texting Gayle at 970 691-6368 or email .

This presentation is sponsored by the Believe Out Loud welcome team at St. Luke’s; it is free, open to all, and not religious in orientation.  In 2017, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church became a member of the Believe Out Loud network of churches.  Being a Believe Out Loud church means St. Luke’s openly welcomes and affirms LGBTQ people in our community of Christian Faith.  The Believe Out Loud team meets monthly and seeks to enact the St. Luke’s statement of welcome for all.  Believe Out Loud sponsors quarterly events and activities that affirm the rights, dignity, and fellowship in Christ of LGBTQ people.  For more information on Believe Out Loud at St. Luke’s please contact Ryan Hogan (