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Spiritual Deepening & Fellowship Series: BIG QUESTIONS - Answers Not Guaranteed

Each week will focus on a "big question" around topics of faith and everyday life. Sometimes we will read a short passage or watch a short video, and the leader will provide discussion questions. Each session will also include a "thought for the week" for us to contemplate throughout the week.

Sunday, March 11: "Why do Bad things happen to Good People? with  Donna Visocky

As Christians we believe God has a plan for everything. Yet as humans we can experience profound grief, anger, and loss in the face of tragedy. Events may cause us to question how God could let bad things happen to good people. Why do children suffer? Why are some people homeless or ill? Why is there such inequality in the world if God is just? In this session we will explore difficult questions many ask in the face of tragedy and some interesting concepts that might shed some light on our challenges.



Later Event: March 18
Bishop's Visit