Preparing for Holy Week

Palm Sunday, which falls on March 25 this year, marks the beginning of Holy Week.  At St. Luke's our Holy Week observance consists of three days: Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  These services intimately recollect Jesus' journey to the Cross of Christ.  By participating in any or all of these services, we too make this journey with Jesus.

Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ can be fully appreciated by approaching it through Holy Week.  I encourage you to plan your schedule in advance to ensure your participation in these special worship experiences.  --Fr. Abshire

Holy Week 2018

Holy Wednesday -- 6:00pm Contemplative Chapel Service -- March 28

Maundy Thursday -- 7:00pm Holy Communion & Stripping of the Altar -- March 29

Good Friday -- 12noon Liturgy & Procession of the Cross -- March 30

Good Friday -- 6:00pm Stations of the Cross (suitable for children) -- March 30