Lent: An Opportunity to Do Something Different

This Sunday we begin our journey through the Season of Lent.  For five weeks we will have the opportunity to do something different -- to break out of the easy habits and comfort zones that keep us unaware of God's Presence and Purpose in our lives.

The possibilities are endless.  You might take up a daily prayer or Bible-reading practice.  You might take on a volunteer activity.  You might simply make a point of going to church every Sunday of Lent, without missing a single Sunday.

You might venture down to Collyer Park in Longmont on a Friday evening in Lent to worship at Common Cathedral, a faith community led by Episcopal Deacon Marc Genty, which was founded for and by homeless and formally homeless people.  Services with a meal take place every Friday, 6:00 to 6:45pm.

As I said, the possibilities are endless.  The main thing is to do something different -- and  do it in the name of Christ Jesus.   --Fr. Abshire