Do You Wish You Could Experience God's Presence in the World? (Guest Column)

Do you wish you could more frequently experience God’s presence in the world without having to visit the Grand Canyon or witness a glorious sunset?

Do you wish you could prolong the special, blessed feeling experienced when receiving Holy Communion?

Exercises for facilitating your spiritual awareness and sensitivity have existed for millennia.  Combining meditation with contemplative study and dialogue has helped enhance the lives of members of two spiritual deepening groups at St. Luke’s.

The spiritual deepening groups meet for one hour Mondays at noon or Wednesdays at 7am, and we would like to share our experience with others.

We begin with 20 minutes of meditative silence, followed by discussion of the directed reading from the Thomas Merton series, Bridges to Contemplative Living, which is kept on the library shelves. (If you are unfamiliar with meditation, brief instruction in the technique on your first visit is usually helpful/adequate in getting you started.)

Though thematically connected, each session stands independent of the others; so perfect, sequential attendance is not required to be up-to-date with the day’s reading.

No preparation or reading is necessary prior to the meeting -- having a mix of spontaneous responses with prepared responses is best. In fact, participants observed after the last meeting that the discussion was “the thing,” with the text serving as a catalyst.

I encourage you to try one session to see if it becomes as meaningful to you as it is to the members of these ongoing groups.

If you have questions, or if the current times don't work for you, please contact me. If enough people are interested, we can gather a third group at another time.

- Ed Gregori