Make Peace a Habit

In these troubled times, when the human temptation towards acting our hatred and violence is exacerbated by social media, our faithful response can be--among other things--to make the peace prayer of St. Francis a habit of the heart. And that way, we can begin to make peace a habit.
Praying with sincerity can and does make a life changing difference, and the peace prayer of St. Francis exemplifies sincerity. So please join us in praying "Make me a channel of your peace..." for 21 days, beginning on Friday, September 1.

Why 21 days? Well, they say it takes 21 consecutive days to establish a behavior as a habit. 

After the 21 days are up, we encourage you to participate in the International Day of Prayer for Peace Taizé service in the church on Thursday evening, September 21 at 7:00pm, which will be the culmination of our communal prayer practice.

Click on the image below to access the peace page on our website, where you can make a commitment to pray for 21 days, view or download a prayer card, and see videos of the song version of the St. Francis prayer.

Please join us in making peace a habit.

Fr. Abshire+

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