A New Year of Pilgrimage and Hope

At Christmas we witness the gift of God revealed to us once again, celebrating the birth of the Christ child, and receiving a gift of promise and renewed hope for the next steps on our journey.

Now as we begin a new year, we embark on a new pilgrimage together, seeking to deepen our relationship with God and each other.

This year, we will celebrate New Year's Day with two Sunday services on January 1, at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., with guest preacher Maddi Lynch. Maddi Lynch was born in Fort Collins and grew up attending St. Luke's. She now attends Seattle University, a Jesuit institution, as a Business Economics Major. In Seattle, Maddi is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, where she uses her St. Luke's acolyting skills well as a torch-bearer!

Maddi will bring reflections on her journey with God and inspire us to listen to where God is next calling us at St. Luke's.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the new year in these special services at St. Luke's.


Fr. Greg+