What Makes the Episcopal Church Unique?

Beginning this Sunday we will start a new series called Episcopal 101. Episcopal 101 will balance content with conversation, highlighting our tradition's commitment to serious, open-minded inquiry. 

Here we will have the opportunity to delve into an array of subjects--theological, Biblical, historical, ethical, spiritual, liturgical, etc.--from a uniquely Episcopal perspective.

There will be a different topic for each gathering. This Sunday we begin with the most basic question of all: "What is Episcopal?" That is, what is the nature of our tradition and what does the word "episcopal" mean?

Join us for this monthly, Sunday morning 9:30am gathering in the Library to find out what makes the Episcopal Church unique--and uniquely valuable for our time.

- Fr. Abshire+

Each week the Rector or the Associate Rector will focus on how God is continuing to call St. Luke's into new life in Christ.