Palm Sunday: The Beginning of the End

God's ways are not our ways. This is a profound -- and sometimes disturbing -- truth.

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, the service begins with the triumphant Procession of the Palms, dramatically moves through Jesus' trial and execution, and ends with a promise: "After three days I will rise again."

To fully realize God's promise of Jesus transcending death, however, we need to walk the walk with Jesus through Holy Week; to experience a liturgical re-enactment of the last days of his earthly life.
A TV show from the 1950s that recreated historical events featured the tag line, “all things are as they were then, except you are there.” During Holy Week we put ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally there – not to watch, but actually to walk in the path that Jesus chose.
This Sunday, we begin that walk. Waving palms ourselves, cheering Jesus, shouting Hosannas, we mimic the crows who loved Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. But this apparent worldly triumph ends quickly. On Wednesday, we experience the gathering darkness in the dimming of candlelight. On Thursday, we wash each other’s feet, as he washed the disciples’ feet. And on Friday, we walk in his footsteps, traveling his last hours with him. We follow his path, step by step… until what looks like the end – when they roll the stone in front of the tomb and all seems utterly lost.
Then, like the disciples, we go home and wait. We wait to see if the promise he made will be fulfilled — the crazy, impossible promise to return.
                                                                                                  - Fr. Abshire+

Each week the Rector or the Associate Rector will focus on how God is continuing to call St. Luke's into new life in Christ.