Easter: A Whole New Life

In 1994 the prolific writer Reynolds Price published a memoir detailing his journey through a paralyzing illness of spinal cancer. In the course of his agonizing disease, Price has a mystical vision of Jesus Christ on the Sea of Galilee, which not only sustains--and challenges--but eventually bring him into, as he puts it, "a whole new life" centered in nothing less than gratitude.

Hard to imagine. I recommend Price's book, A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing, as a vivid example of what death and resurrection look like in contemporary, "real-life" terms.

The whole point of the Christian faith is "a whole new life," for you, and me, and all of us together. We can come to it through a multitude of life experiences; some dramatic and extreme, some quiet and emerging ever so subtly. 

Our life experiences are constantly pushing us forward toward this (whether we are aware of this or not); and God's is constantly pulling us--i.e., calling us--forward toward this. This being a whole new life. Alleluia indeed!
                                                                                - Fr. Abshire+