Hildegard of Bingen (Guest Column)

The season of Lent will feature the music of 12th century German composer Hildegard von (of) Bingen. Each 10:30am service music mediation will include a different piece by Hildegard. And on March 19 at 9:30am, Michelle Danson will lead a Spiritual Deepening session about her. (Look for more information to come on the 3/19 event. Michelle will also be preaching that day.)

Interestingly, Hildegard is the first named composer in music history--a unique position for a female in what is otherwise a dominantly male-driven field.

As an influential mystic, poet, and composer, her compositions were inspired by religious experiences and visions. During her life, Hildegard was sought for advice and spiritual council by kings, bishops and Popes alike. Her music is often described haunting, reflective, and deeply moving. 

In 2012 Hildegard mystic revelations and spiritual works were officially recognized by the Pope Benedict XVI, formally canonizing Hildegard as a saint.

- Andrew J. Hill, Music Director