Believe Out Loud: Widening Our Welcome

I am pleased to announce that Monday evening, October 16, 2017, our Vestry voted to become officially a Believe Out Loud Church. We now join 34 other Episcopal churches across Colorado, and 11 other faith communities in Fort Collins, who intentionally welcome LGBT people.  
This commitment also entails registering St. Luke's as a "Welcoming Church" with the national Episcopal Church's advocacy office, Integrity USA, as well as with the Diocese of Colorado. The Vestry also approved a broad Welcoming Statement, which makes it clear than none are excluded at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. This is posted on the St. Luke's website and other social media.
Becoming a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Church also entails supporting same-sex member couples by providing wedding services and encouraging their married life together.
It's important to note that the decision to become a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Church is just the beginning of a ongoing journey of reaching out to the larger community and learning how to faithfully widen the welcome, in the name of Christ Jesus.
Please take time to visit our Believe Out Loud page to learn more about this faithful initiative.

If you would like to join in this effort to widen our welcome, please contact Ed Gregori or Nicole Vieira, the Wardens, or Clergy.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Abshire+