The Last Week of Lent

As we move through the last days of Lent, we prepare for Holy Week, the most sacred days of Christian journey as we faithfully recall the last days of Jesus and celebrate the joy of the Risen Christ at Easter. Each of the days of Holy Week brings a profound invitation to reflect deeply on the life and sacrifice of Jesus -- and our own lives in light of Jesus’ journey.

Holy Week begins powerfully on Palm Sunday when we remember Jesus’ triumphant return to Jerusalem and witness the foreshadowing of the dark days to come in the Passion Gospel.

On Tuesday of Holy Week, the clergy of the Diocese gather at the Cathedral for the Chrism Mass, to renew their vows of ordination and for the blessings of the oils of chrism and healing that we use throughout the year.

Wednesday of Holy Week is the sacred day when we anticipate the darkness of the days ahead through a service of darkening called Tenebrae.

On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus at the Last Supper and follow Jesus' invitation to be servants to each other in the sacred washing of feet, opening the Great Three Days of Prayer in the Christian Church, the Triduum.

Good Friday is the day we recall Jesus' death on cross on the most solemn of days.

On Holy Saturday we witness the sacred silence of waiting and praying.

The Great Vigil of Easter and Easter Sunday service are great celebrations as we witness the power of the Risen Christ to bring transformation, healing and hope to the world.

By walking through these sacred days with faithfulness and prayer, we move from the darkest hours to witness God’s transforming power in our lives.

We invite you to make this Holy Week an intentional walk with God as we journey with Jesus through these sacred days.
                                                                                                  - Fr. Greg+