St. Luke’s Annual Report 2019

The Rector's Report – Interim Rector Fr. Rex Chambers

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has completed another year of Preaching, Teaching, and Reaching in Jesus’ name. What a joy to work together, hearing the gospel message, and then going forth to spread the Good News. With that said, this has been a year of transition for our church. This year saw the strategic plan change from a written document to action. Our Sunday school and music are the center piece of our growth and worship.  Our ministry team has reintroduced a once a month breakfast between service to encourage our gathering together as a community of faith. And there is more to come…

 We continue with a small study group on Monday, Wednesday and have added an adult bible study, Bible Buddies, on Thursday mornings. A Sunday study group met throughout the year at the leadership of our Spiritual development group and provided an opportunity for fellowship, learning, and reflection.

The annual Oktoberfest celebration hosted sixty families with a BBQ, music and wonderful friendship.  We also held a silent auction to generate money for the repair of our beautiful organ.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is blessed with a community of willing hearts and caring hands that respond to the call to help our brothers and sisters and care for each other. Many thanks to all who lifted up their hands to help us experienced a wonder year of change and growth. And all our staff for the service they provide daily to further the gospel. A big thank you to our committee chairs and committee members for the work they do, often behind the scenes and many times unnoticed but so critical to the work of the church.

Finally, We thank God for you and all you do in Jesus’ name. In His Service, Amen!

Fr. Rex 

Senior Warden Report – Carmen Schell

Dear Friends,

2018 was a year of change for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. We faced big changes in staffing, finances and bigger changes in leadership. But God kept us in His sights and answered our many prayers for guidance! With the dedication of our staff and many volunteer hours of parishioners, we began a season of transition and emerged from 2018 a stronger and more focused congregation.

The Vestry is so grateful for Fr. Rex’s faithful work as our Interim Rector, especially in the area of pastoral care. Over the last several months, together we have been working to create new opportunities for fellowship and education for the parish. Vestry members have been steadfast in guiding our church and looking toward the future and have also been working on growing our own skills to become better leaders.

The Profile Team has been working hard to put together the church profile as we determine what we seek in a new rector and we look forward to getting more input from the congregation as we move forward with this process.

It is gratifying to see so many new and returning faces to church. There are great things in store for 2019, from searching for a new full time Rector to renovating our tired restrooms. We are so appreciative for all the enthusiastic support from parishioners, and we welcome help from those looking to get more involved. Please keep the Vestry, our staff, and St. Luke’s in your prayers.

Blessings, Carmen Schell, Senior Warden

Junior Wardens Report – Jeni Forbes and Jason Ranz

Building: Thanks to the generosity of many parishioners, St. Luke's has benefited in many ways: The pews were replaced in the chapel, and the "spare" pew was placed in the Narthex; we have a new refrigerator; the cupboards in the kitchen and the parish hall were organized and decluttered; the library was decluttered, cleaned, and the carpet shampooed; furnace filters were replaced; a defibrillator was purchased; and the kneelers are being repaired and reupholstered. Many other little projects have been completed by several parishioners giving their time and talent. Future projects will include refurbishing the bathrooms, repairing pews in the sanctuary, and finishing the kneelers.

Grounds: 2018 was a great year for the Buildings and Grounds Ministry. It started with a great effort by the St. Luke's community in the spring with an impressive deep clean of the St. Luke's grounds organized by the B&G Ministry. Over the course of 3 weekends, bushes were cut back, trees were trimmed, weeds were pulled, gutters were cleaned and items needing repair were repaired, all while fighting the elements! To keep the momentum going on the grounds, the B&G Ministry organized an autumn Grounds Cleanup, which was greatly attended by the parishioners and a lot of help by the resident Boy Scout Troop. Throughout the year, the B&G Ministry was consistently tasked and succeeded as best as possible with the upkeep of the St. Luke's buildings as well. The B&G Ministry is currently working on a few plans for continued engagement of the parish with the upkeep and beautification of the treasured and blessed St. Luke's Building and Grounds.

Treasurer’s Report for 2018

The finance Committee consisted of Donn DeCoursey, Treasurer; Robert Larson, Asst. Treasurer; Paul McQuade, Bookkeeper; Mike Hohl, Tammie Gregori, Charlotte Hinger and Carmen Schell, Sr. Warden. They are to be commended for their efforts this year as we dealt with a very limited budget. But of more commendation is the St. Luke’s Staff for doing such a tremendous job in keeping costs down; even with a very limited budget, they saved about $20,000.

It goes without saying that much of the success of presenting the financial information regularly throughout the year and now, would not have been possible without the contribution of Paul McQuade, our bookkeeper

The Vestry wanted a balanced budget for 2018. This meant a cutting back on many expenses including the hours of the staff. Because of the drastic change from 2017 and previous years, an “Other” category with a little over $11,000, was placed in the 2018 budget.  It was not needed as only $3,300 was used for a few miscellaneous items. We ended up exceeding our projected income by over $49,000 and we did not see the normal drop in giving during the summer months. In fact, we exceeded projections every month of the year except 3 months and only one of those was significant, but completely covered by contributions the next month. Also, the staff saved about $20,000, as mentioned above, giving us a total carry-over into 2019 of about $69,000. This will be split into two new Dedicated Funds to be used only if needed, one a Carry-over Fund with $25,000 and a Maintenance Reserve Fund with $44,000, discussed below.

Probably the most significant accomplishment this year is the creation of the Maintenance Reserve Fund for maintenance of our major facilities. The church building and all its attendant facilities is getting old, over 50 years now. Therefore, maintenance is going to be a much larger component of our budget. In order to know what we should include in the Maintenance Reserve Fund and how much we should put into it annually, we contracted with Associates Reserves in Denver. We can thank an anonymous parishioner for contributing the funds necessary to have the Reserve Fund study done. Thank you very much, whom ever you are. I know that many of you are interested in the maintenance of the Phelps Organ. It is included in the projected expenses that will be covered by the Reserve Fund. The study shows our maintenance expenses over the next 30 years, the length projected by the study, and that we should be making a minimum contribution of over $61,500 per year increasing each year by 3%.  So, our contribution to the Reserve Fund needs to increase drastically in the future. A copy of the Report is available and is posted on the bulletin board. If anyone is interested in having a personal copy, please see me and I will forward you an email with a link to get it. I also have a more complete description of the study results that I can make available.

Another important thing that we were able to do the last 3 months of 2018 was increase the hours of much of our staff back to what they were in 2017.

The Finance Committee, along with the Vestry, have the budget for 2019. It is presented along with a statement of the results from 2018 on the next 3 pages. Again, it is an optimistic, deficit budget, but is balanced with funds available from carry over this year, for backup, only if needed. The total budget for 2019 is $439,000.

Respectively submitted,

Donn DeCoursey, Treasurer

2019 Budget Summary AM.jpg
2019 Income Budget Chart.jpg


St. Luke’s Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical Ministers at St. Luke’s support the celebrant during church services. The responsibilities are split into two roles, Chalice Bearer and Sub Deacon. Their duties include, reading scripture and psalms, leading the Prayers of the People, receiving the oblations, and handing the offering plates to the ushers. They also assist the celebrant in preparing the table for communion and administer the cup to those receiving communion. There are currently twelve adults trained as Liturgical Ministers and two youth serving as Acolytes. We conduct annual training, usually during the winter or early spring. I am not aware of a specific budget for this ministry. Any expenses would be associated with maintaining or replacing the cassocks and surpluses used by the LMs. During the coming year we hope to recruit two or more additional members to our roles. Contact: Larry Meger 970-223-7125

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a lay ministry that serves God by preparing the Sanctuary for worship, maintaining and caring for the sacred vessels, altar linens, and vestments, and serving the clergy and the parish. Altar guild members are in charge of ‘setting up’ for services, removal and cleansing of vessels and linens after the services.

Altar Guild consists of 4 Teams, each meeting once a month, to make sure that the Sanctuary is dusted and cleaned thoroughly before and after services as well as prepare for all Services that may take place at the Church, including Sunday Services, Memorial Services and Weddings. Also, Altar Guild sees to the placement of proper seasonal colors, hangings and falls; preparation of the Altar Table for services including cleaning and polishing the silver and brass; preparation of the Credence Table/Shelf; arrangement and placement of fresh flowers; preparing (filling the candles with oil and maintaining the wicks) all the candles on the Altar Table and within the Sanctuary; ensuring that the priest’s vestments are cleaned, pressed and hanging in the Sacristy; and care, preparation, cleansing, and storing of all the sacred vessels, linens, hangings, and candles. Contact: Jana Parker


During 2018 the Usher Ministry, consisted of 10 volunteers. For 2019 we have added 3 more. Ushers primary role is to greet service attendees and assist with handing out service leaflets, count the number of attendees, collect alms, and guide participants during the service. Members serving have done so for many years and are an important element in the flow of the service. Our numbers have continually been dropping over the past few years. New members are needed and anyone thinking of serving the church in some capacity are welcome to be a part of this ministry team. Contact: Bill Rutledge 

Eucharistic Visitors

Pastoral Care lay ministers are dedicated to being Christ’s presence, bringing prayers and communion to our parishioners at home to help make them feel a part of our community of faith. New members are Ken and Karen Deines. They join current members Pat Carter and Domi Jones. Contact: Ken Deines

Altar Flowers Ministry

We welcome donations of flowers to beautify the sanctuary on Sundays. People donate flowers to celebrate weddings, births, and anniversaries, to honor friends and family, to memorialize those who have moved on--for any reason at all. To donate altar flowers, please sign your name on the Flowers for the Church sign on the hall bulletin board or sign up on-line at Choose the date you wish to give flowers and then to the side write (for example): in thanksgiving for… or in memory of… or whatever you would like, etc. We have a standing order for weekly flowers at a local florist. The charge for an Altar bouquet is $35. You will be billed for these by the bookkeeper. After the last Sunday service, the altar flowers are delivered to shut-ins by the Daughters of the King. In 2017 we had 53 donations totaling $1855. Our cost for flowers was $1560.00. Thank you for your support of this important ministry. Questions? Contact: Nancy Davis at 970-484-5428.


Like many other aspects of the budget crisis, this past year hit the music program hard. The overall music budget was slashed by roughly 60 percent. This included the termination of the organist/accompanist position, a substantial cut to the salary elimination of the employment benefits of health insurance of the Director of Music, and the ending of all paid singer positions and special service musicians. Wednesday choir rehearsals were suspended, and two weekly worship services, in which music was integral, were halted. Music during the 8am Rite I service was suspended. Special musical events such as Lessons and Carols, our Bach Cantata Service, and the Ecumenical Taize Service were also postponed a year. However, in light of all these setbacks, many parishioners stepped up and made the most of a challenging situation. 

Our Director of Music remained committed the St. Luke's mission and continued on, in a limited capacity, as music director/organist. A music team comprised of volunteers, instrumentalists and singers ensured that the 10:30 Rite II service still had music. By the end of the summer, more volunteer singers joined the choir; enough for a pick-up Sunday choir rehearsal to resume. By October St. Luke's finances had begun to stabilize and the church was able to restore 90% of the Director of Music's compensation. By November, about half the staff singers were rehired to sing at half the frequency of 2017. By late December, the first stage of the vital restoration of the Phelps Organ began. Though budget cuts caused some major setbacks to the once thriving music program, St. Luke's is grateful to all who stepped up to ensure the best of a challenging situation. Because of some people volunteering their time and talents, the St. Luke's music program was able to adapt; and, God willing, thrive in the future. However, this will only happen if more people continue to step up, offer their musical gifts (no matter how small, or seemingly insignificant), and join the choir, share their talents on an instrument, or volunteer to help restart the bell choir and children's choir. Contact: Andrew Hill

Phelps Organ

The work on the organ will be done in 3 stages, beginning with the section called Grand Organ, and will involve removing the pipes from this section, cleaning them, replacing some of the racks that hold them in place over the windchest, and replacing assorted seals and grommets worn out after 44 years of service.

Stage 2 will involve replacing some of those giant 32-foot pipes on the front of the organ case. A big, awkward job just getting them removed and replaced.

Stage 3 will involve work on the section of the organ called Positif and finally tuning and voicing the whole organ, a process that will take several months as they work to get the organ and the building working together to produce Opus One’s beautiful sound. Raising the needed funds (over $100,000 total) will be a multi-year project.

Phase One of the Phelps Organ restoration was completed in December of 2018, just in time for Christmas services. The console has been cleaned and new bumpers have been replaced for the drawbar solenoids. They now operate more quietly and reliably than before. The three interior doors have been rehung with new hinges. The old ones have had broken hinges for several years and were wedged in place. The two doors in the pedal section have also been replaced so they now fold in the middle allowing better access into the organ. Also, adjustments were made to the Grand Orgue to Pedal coupler solenoid and to the Pedal Chalumeau C-sharp which has been sticking. The job was less difficult than anticipated and was completed for $1518.45 instead of the estimated $3100, saving quite a bit of money.

On to Phase Two! Your generous gifts are making this possible. The committee is currently researching other funding sources including grants and major donors. The creation of Phelps Opus One by Laurence Phelps started a revolution in the design of pipe organs – it’s musically a national treasure and is worth $1.4 million. Contact: Marcia Piermattei


Spiritual Deepening

Many of us at St. Luke’s are pursuing a deeper, more frequent spiritual awareness or are seeking a more mystical sensitivity for the first time. There are many paths to heightened spiritual awareness. We Episcopalians are well-versed in common prayer, and many of us pursue a private devotional path as well. As telescopes and microscopes enhance different aspects of our view of the physical world, varied spiritual disciplines enable us to appreciate the spiritual world more fully. In addition to prayer there are meditation, fasting, music, and yoga, for a few examples.

We have been meeting at the church for over three years on Wednesday at 7 am (6 members), and a second group on Monday at noon (8 members). We begin with twenty minutes of silence followed by discussion of readings from Thomas Merton, G.K. Chesterton, Christina Rossetti, and the like. Please contact me with any questions regarding our groups. Contact: Ed Gregori 223-2113

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

A Wednesday morning Bible Study was established for all parishioners in the Spring of 2018. They began with the study of The Good Book Club's selection of A Journey through Acts, by Marek P. Zabriskie. In the Fall of 2018, the group made the decision to study Discovering the Psalms: Passion, Promise and Praise, by Donald L. Griggs from The Kerygma Program. Presently, the Wednesday Bible Study group has begun the study of Paul's letter to the Romans, again under the guidance of The Good Book Club. Although various facilitators have led the studies, Peggy Neves has been our prime facilitator. Anyone is welcome to join this Bible study that meets in the Parish Hall on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM. Contact: Loretta Hoffmann

Adult Forum/Spiritual Deepening & Fellowship

Spiritual Deepening expanded and was renewed in 2018. We hosted a series called "Big Questions" during Lent and an environment-focused series during the month of April, in which we heard from Steve Ruttledge and Ryan Hogan on their professional and advocacy activities. In the fall, Becky Gregori Hill led a session on being welcoming, and we periodically hosted sessions with the Believe Outloud team about expanding our welcome to the LGTQ+ community. Dinna and Hill Grimmett hosted sessions on spirituality that will continue in Spring 2019. During the fall, we completed a series on Civil Discourse and during Advent, a series on the Four Directions and Magnificat, to better understand our indigenous brothers and sisters. Both of these programs came from the national Episcopal Church, and we will plan to use more curricula like this in the future. Our sessions ranged from a small group to as many as 20 people, and we expanded the number of discussion leaders, including regular leadership from Katherine Marak. In 2019, we begin with Confirmation class led by Father Rex and will shortly announce the program for Lent. We are grateful for the congregation's support of Spiritual Deepening and welcome everyone to attend future sessions. Please make suggestions for topics you would like to see in 2019! Contact: Abby Shupe

Believe Out Loud

In October 2017, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Fort Collins became the 35th church in the Colorado Episcopal Diocese to formally register as a “Believe Out Loud” church -- a place of worship that openly and intentionally welcomes and supports lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender persons in our community.

In becoming a Believe Out Loud Episcopal congregation, the St. Luke’s Vestry adopted a broad-ranging Welcoming Statement and officially affirmed that St. Luke’s Church and clergy are now available to celebrate marriage for same-sex couples in the church. Since 2015, weddings in the Episcopal Church have officially been open to both opposite- and same-sex couples.

St. Luke’s joins St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and 10 other faith communities in Fort Collins, to provide a safe and loving place for our LGBT brothers and sisters to worship, take part in Christian community, and find support in their journey with Christ. Contact: Ryan Hogan hogan

Daughters of the King

The purpose of Daughters of the King is to bring women into a living, loving relationship with Jesus our Savior and to help strengthen the spiritual life of our Parish through specific confidential prayers for parishioners, their families, relatives and friends.

Many of our members are involved with other areas of service in our Parish, such as Vestry, Chalice Bearers, Lay Readers, Choir Members, Organ Committee, Funeral Committee serving food and serving families members of the deceased, Prayer Support for the homeless at the Mission in Denver, Bible Study, Lay Eucharist Ministers and Knitters of Prayer Shawls. 

All women of our Parish can become members by contacting Jody Johnson, President. 970-482-0841

Intercessory Prayer

There are many ways to love one’s neighbor, but intercessory prayer —praying on behalf of other people—has got to be one of the most powerful.

St. Luke’s has an active team of Lay Intercessory Prayer Warriors that serve each Sunday to intercede on the prayer requests of our church family, friends and those needing prayer. Prayer Intercessors are available every Sunday during Holy Communion. Each intercessor has been trained to receive the concerns and thanksgivings of parishioners seeking prayer support. Requests for blessings and/or God's grace and guidance are received at St. Claire's Oratory (near the prayer candles and icons at the rear of the Nave). Your prayer request will be treated with great respect; you honor us by letting us pray for you. The Intercessory Prayer Group keeps all requests confidential. Let us pray with and for you. Contact: Sandy Aldern

Quilting Ministry

The St. Luke’s Quilt Group makes a baby or lap size quilt for every person who is baptized at St. Luke’s. We meet once a month. We gave out 4 baptism quilts in 2018 and we donated 4 quilts to the silent auction for the organ fundraiser. New quilters are always welcome, and we will help those wishing to learn. Contact: Tammie Gregori, 223-2113.

Hospitality & Coffee

The coffee hospitality ministry currently has 14 volunteers and one substitute volunteer for the 10:30 a.m. service and one volunteer for the 8:00 a.m. service. It would be beneficial to recruit more volunteers for the 8:00 a.m. service. There has been a 30% increase in coffee consumption in the past two months, so we are serving approximately four to five carafes of regular coffee and two of decaffeinated coffee weekly. This impacts the budget for purchasing coffee. A sign-up sheet for treats on the coffee table has been successful; parishioners are providing cookies and baked goods for both services. Contact: Susan Groeger

Funeral Guild

We are a hospitality team prepared to plan and provide a reception for the family of a parishioner following a funeral or memorial service at St Luke's. We as volunteers, provide food and split duties for set up, serving and cleanup of the parish hall. A group email goes out to funeral guild members with the information of date and time. Only those members who are available reply to the email with what they can provide and help with. We are always welcoming new volunteers so that our pool of volunteers is big enough that we don't feel obligated to commit every time a need arises. To put your name on the group email list, contact Debbie Vessey at

Pastoral Care Meal Providers

The arrival of a new baby. Loss of a loved one. Financial difficulty. Illness. Hospitalization. These are just a few of the situations that bring out a family’s need for assistance with meal preparation. In these times, we as friends, neighbors, and community members are given the holy opportunity to extend a hand in loving assistance. When we plan or participate in a meal provider program, we can help alleviate the worry about cost, time, and energy of meal preparation for those in need.  If you are interested in being on the meal provider list, please contact Cindy Hohl 970-699-0069

Christmas Cookie Ministry

Once a year we remember all the members and friends of St. Luke’s who are in nursing homes, assisted living, rehabilitation centers or home-based locations by delivering Christmas Cookies to them. Names are placed on the Christmas Cookie Tree in the Narthex and parishioners select who they will take cookies to, prepare them and deliver them. The best part, in addition to the cookies, is the visiting that takes place, the making connections and sharing stories. This year 28 individuals/couples receive a Christmas Cookie visit. Thank you to all who gave of your time and love. Contact: Cindy Hohl

Engagers’/Fellowship Committee

“Do Not Neglect to show hospitality to strangers for by so doing some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews’ 13:1-2

Who are the Engagers? How do we promote Fellowship? The Engagers committee is a group of creative, caring parishioners whose goal is to reach out to Folks New to St. Luke’s and promote Fellowship among all. We attempt to interact with them and to make them feel welcome to the Parish. Our intent is to provide a warm welcome. We learn their names, and provide them a “Welcome Card.” This information is used to provide Name Tags that are available to them the following Sunday in the Narthex. This information is also provided to the clergy to be used by the Priest to call them by name during the Eucharist, for individual prayers and for follow up calls. It also opens the Parish’s electronic website to them for their use and edification. Essentially this allows us to get them into the church data base. You will also find the “Welcome to St. Luke’s” cards in the pews for those who we miss in the Narthex as they enter the church. Any Parishioner can provide a “Welcome Card” to someone they meet in the Sanctuary or who is a visitor. This is only the beginning. Everyone has a part in Welcoming!

Getting to know you! The next step is to introduce them to other parishioners and to invite them to join us for Coffee and treats following the service either in the Narthex or Parish Hall. We begin our conversations with “What Brings you to St. Luke’s today”? The key is to find out something about them and to talk about them (not us). It is our desire to get to know enough information to provide the introduction to another St. Lukes person in the Narthex.  We have embarked on a “Name Tag” project to be sure everyone wears a name tag on Sunday mornings. We want Fr. Rex to be able to call each person by name as he provides the Host at the Eucharist and as he prays (by name) with the individual. Please note that prior to the service time, Father Rex is at the door welcoming people and at the doors of the buses as others disembark on their way to the narthex.

In addition to newcomers we attempt to find out how our fellow parishioners are feeling (doing) when we encounter them. Too often folks can perceive that they have needs that we need to be aware of and no one is aware of. It is an important outreach to fellow parishioners on a one on one basis.

Fellowship: It is our committees’ hope that we can provide opportunities to engage in fellowship with new folks and parishioners. We have provided new comers welcoming events with Wine and Cheese type receptions. We have sponsored the First Sunday Breakfasts. Events such as a potluck type fellowship or special event such as a “Pancake” Breakfast are examples. Another such event is The Brats and Beer event held during the Summer.

Future possibilities could include: Continuing our Kick Ball team in the summer, and small group gatherings to provide fun, fellowship and Spiritual Growth. Contact: Ken Deines

The People we have yet to meet are called to be our Brothers and Sisters. They add Value to our Gathering as the Body of Christ.

Singles on the Go!

Singles on the Go is a fun, casual group for all St. Luke's members 55 or older. We get together every Tuesday morning at 9:30 at the coffee shop at Sprout's Market at Drake and Lemay. (EXCEPT FOR THE SECOND TUESDAY). On the third Tuesday each month we go out for dinner at a local restaurant. Come join us - we always have a very good time! Contact: Gail McKenzie, or 482-8052.

Kickball Ministry

St. Luke's seasonal ministry of kickball is about to begin its third year of activity. Every summer, a group of us form a summer kickball team (known as "Saved by the Ball") to play in a local league for 6-8 weeks. This ministry focuses on fellowship and friendship building, as well as weekly BBQ after each game. This is a casual, non-competitive and inter-generational team. If you are interested in being on the team, coming to games to cheer us on, or want to sponsor a player, contact Cai Seymour.

Art in the Narthex

Art in the Narthex had a very successful 2018. One highlight being Billie Colson, the owner of Independence Gallery in Loveland. Her paintings of animals were fun and whimsical. We ended the season with a fabulous return of one of my favorites: Erin Leeper and her Ethereal Icons. Erin helped round up several artists to show over the Christmas Holiday. They each set up their wonderful wares and provided the Narthex with great holiday cheer. As always, if anyone has contacts with an artist that may want to share their work, please contact Debra Colvin at

Arts and Furnishings Committee


1.       After nearly one and one- half years the update of the History Wall of St. Luke’s Church was completed. This involved researching significant events at St Luke’s for the period from 1982 to 2013, securing a photograph of Fr. Harold Warren, designing and printing of the history, and construction of the display case.

2.       The location and framing of the letter confirming the gift of the icon of St. Luke (mounted in the entry hallway) from St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church to St. Luke’s in 2006 in gratitude for allowing the sharing of St. Luke’s church facilities. This letter was mounted next to the icon.

3.       Relocated the display case of “The Way” Frontal from the hallway to the east wall of the Narthex.

4.       Recommended (approved by the Vestry), the return of the original St. Luke’s pews to the Chapel.

5.       Located and refurbished the framed poster of the many members of St. Lukes who served in the military during WW II. Now hanging in the Parish Hall.

6.       Received the following gifts:

                a. The mounted Ship’s Bell from Marcia Piermattei in memory of Donald Piermattei.

                b. The painting of Archangel Gabriel by artist Erin Leeper as given my several donors.

7. The committee continues to reorganize the many documents that have accumulated in the files of the    A&F Committee. These files document the many donations and memorials that have been given and established at St. Luke’s over many decades.

8. We have added 4 new members to the committee as we have had attrition for health reasons of our many dear members who have served on the committee for years — Doug and Molly Murray, Beth and Dick Hill, Brownie McGraw, and Marian Pike. We greatly appreciate those who have gone before in overseeing the mission of the Arts and Furnishing Committee over many years.

A major effort that continues is the updating of the St. Luke’s History Wall for the period from 1981 to 2013. A draft of the added history has now been completed, as well as a layout design for the hanging of the new panels. With his permission, we secured a suitable photo of Rev. Harold Warren from the photographer Ross Dickerson who now resides in Iowa City. Through the assistance of the Colorado dioceses archivist and Frank Johnson, over 100 issues of the Colorado Episcopalian, 15 issues of St. Luke’s Messenger, and a number of annual reports were reviewed for significant events that were reported for St Luke’s. The Bishop’s office provided us a list of the names of all that served as rectors, assistant rectors, associate rectors or interim rectors since 1981. The next step will be to secure financial assistance for the printing and framing of the history panels. The committee would welcome new members to the committee to replace those who are no longer able to serve. Contact: Pat Reid


Sunday School

The Sunday School Program since I’ve began in August has tried to do a variety of engaging activities to keep the youth and children at St Luke’s wanting to come back each week. We began with a Sunday School Carnival kick off and blessing of the backpacks followed by weekly lessons and crafts/activities to help the students learn and remember the presented information. As the calendar year has progressed, we held an Advent craft day, St Nicholas came to visit us during a church service, and had a Christmas pageant. In attendance there are roughly 12 kids between the 3 classes. I’ve also coordinated the Angel Giving Tree and the Christmas Carols evening. And finally, I look forward to in the new calendar year, the Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner, Stations of the Cross, Palm Sunday, and Easter egg hunt. And then as the school year comes to a close, we’ll have a blessing of the bicycles, teacher recognition, and a Vacation Bible School. Contact: Dawn Ranz

St. Luke’s Middle School and High School Youth Group

In past years, St. Luke’s has collaborated with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for a middle school/high school youth group ministry. This youth group met every two weeks and participated in outings, local volunteer activities and mission trips.

However, several factors have caused the program to lapse at St. Luke’s. These factors include St. Paul’s recent transitional status and a lack of St. Luke’s parishioners in this age group. Only a few parishioners in this age group attend St. Luke’s regularly, although a few more might participate in a youth group if it were offered.

Looking forward, St. Luke’s plans to hire a family ministry coordinator in summer 2019, with hopes for restarting the youth group ministry in fall 2019. In the meantime, St. Luke’s hopes to attract more families, along with more middle school and high school students. St. Luke’s will also keep families informed about regional middle school and high school youth activities and opportunities.

Lay leadership for this ministry is welcome, as are suggestions for ministry development. Anyone interested in getting involved in St. Luke’s youth group ministry is encouraged to contact Dawn Ranz at


St. Luke’s Preschool - Lia Comfort, Director

The preschool has been an outreach of the church since 1967 and this year 56 children, ages 3 to 5, are enrolled in three classes. We are fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services and affiliated with the Core Knowledge Foundation and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  We are proud to be one of the oldest and sought-after preschools in Fort Collins. We are beginning enrollment for fall 2019. Initial registrations lead us to be hopeful for full classes for next year.

The preschool is governed by a parent board that meets monthly throughout the school year. The board has approved our class schedule for the 2019/2020 school year as follows:

  • T/TH morning                                                    3 year-olds

  • M/W/F morning or afternoon                    4 and 5 year-olds

  • 4th day option                                                   4 and 5 year-olds

The preschool will continue to offer a high-quality program at very reasonable rates. The board is currently beginning work on the annual preschool fundraiser which will be a family barbeque and silent auction to be held on Friday, May 3rd, 2019. This year profits will be used to fund scholarships, field trips, new toys and materials, and we will continue to make improvements in the classrooms. The parent board also hosts family dinner nights at different restaurants monthly for additional fundraisers for the preschool. We continue to have great turnouts and support from our current and past families.

Lia Comfort has continued to be the Director for the 2018/2019 school year. Nancy Singleton and Jackie Harrison have continued as teachers.Contact: Lia Comfort


Faith Family Hospitality

The Faith Family Hospitality (FFH) ministry at St. Luke’s was on a break during 2018 because we serve as a support church for Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, and they were not on the host rotation schedule for the Emergency Overnight Shelter Program in 2018, due to construction activities in their building. However, several times during the year, other congregations reached out to the larger FFH community, asking for help filling volunteer slots during their hosting weeks. As a result, four St. Luke’s members volunteered at various times to help supply meals and serve as overnight hosts at Drake Road Church, Emmaus Road Church, and PEAK Community Church. For 2019, Our Saviour’s is back on the rotation schedule and St. Luke’s is again a support church, committing to provide at least 10 volunteers during each host week. The 2019 weeks begin on February 24, May 12, August 25, and December 29. We look forward to engaging new and experienced members in FFH volunteer roles. The most exciting development in 2018 for the FFH Agency was the completion of a long-term lease agreement with the City of Fort Collins for two houses at 321 S. Sherwood. After some updates to the properties, it will be the site for a Transitional Housing Program for up to 7 families. This will be a fourth element of family housing assistance provided by FFH, supplementing the Emergency Overnight Shelter program provided by churches, Case Management services, and the Day Center. St. Luke ministry coordinators are Annette Lynch and Mary Lynn Jones. Contact: Annette Lynch

Additional Outreach Projects

The very generous members of St. Luke’s supported several local and international organizations in 2018 including:

·         Colorado Haiti Project: Members raised $2169 to help provide solar power for their school in Haiti.

·         Days for Girls Undie Sunday: We received over 400 panties (enough for 200 kits) and over 300 washcloths (enough for 300 kits). The response was amazing.

·         Homeless Gear: Hat & Mitten Giving Tree: Members donated 71 hats, 56 mittens/gloves, 85 pairs of socks, 12 scarves and 2 headbands.

Food Bank for Larimer County: Each Sunday our parishioners share their abundance by bringing food items for the Food Bank and filling the basket at the altar.

·         AA: AA Groups meet in the St. Luke’s Parish Hall 4 nights a week, free of charge.

·         Scouts BSA: BSA Troop 97 has been part of St Luke's since 1952. We are one of the largest troops in northern Colorado and have an active and exciting program for boys and girls ages 11 until 18. Starting immediately, Troop 97 is now able to offer a quality Scouting program for girls as well as boys, through our "linked" Troop 97 for boys and Troop 97 for girls. Contact for more information.

·         Music: Various music groups from CSU, Poudre School District and other performance groups use St. Luke’s beautiful Sanctuary and Organ for their concerts and recitals.


Stewardship Committee Report 

Late August the Stewardship Committee met with Donna Visocky to come up with a new theme for the pledge campaign since the same one had been used for several years. ("Raise the Sail") The theme selected was:


     GIVE - thoughtfully and generously

     PRAY - for understanding of God's will for St Luke’s

     GROW - in faith and trust



Footprints were put up throughout the church and posters were placed in the front entrance of the church introducing the campaign. Pledge cards were placed in pew pray books. (We suggest that a space for signature be put on next year’s card.) The first Sunday in October served as the kick off for the campaign with speeches given at both the 8:00 and 10:30 services talking about the campaign and also why we chose St Luke’s and why we support it.

For the next nine Sundays, one person was asked to speak about their relationship with St. Luke’s, the Episcopal Church and why they give. We had different people speak at the two different services for a total of 18 speakers. Sometimes a couple spoke together. Many positive remarks were made about having speakers. During this time, weekly updates were written for the Sunday bulletin and the online newsletter. 

When the active campaign began to slow down, the co-chairs worked with the bookkeeper to get numbers and names of those who pledged in the past but had not pledged this year. year. Personal contacts were made to over 20 past pledgers and givers which resulted in an increase in pledges and dollars given. We feel the Stewardship Campaign was very successful especially due to the fact that a few people who made our largest pledges in the past have died this year. We expect that pledges will still be made after Christmas and into 2019. As of the end of 2018, the numbers are: pledges - 108, and amount of money - $310,791.


Jane Ray and Frank Johnson, CO-Chairs of the Stewardship Campaign for 2019

Legacy Giving & Estate Planning

The Legacy Giving Ministry is designed to provide information to parish members on the "why and how" of leaving a legacy gift to Saint Luke's. This could be instructions in one's will, trust, IRAs, life insurance, annuities, etc., all for the purpose of providing financial or material gifts to Saint Luke's upon one's death.

O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature: Make us always thankful for your loving providence; and grant that we, remembering the account that we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of your good gifts.     – Book of Common Prayer, p259