We are all Pilgrims

My first service with you was August 26th.  Listening to God, I felt a deep calling to this place before I was asked, This St. Luke’s.  I have been deep in prayer for God to reveal to me the direction He would like St. Luke’s to journey on.  I think part of the journey is within as Christ Followers…Grant that as strangers and pilgrims we may at the last rejoice with all the faithful in your heavenly city; through Jesus Christ our Savior, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

From “Pilgrim Without Boundaries” by Ravi Ravindra...

We must start precisely from where we are,

in the midst of our life,

in the world, in this place,

at this time.


Our life is a symphony of which we are

the conductors.

The later notes and phrases are not going to be

any more authentic or sacred

than the ones we are now playing –

unless we ourselves are transformed.

Their quality will depend largely on what we

now try, and on what

intention and awareness we now bring.

Our ordinary daily life is the

very arena of our spiritual effort.


Those who seek the dimension

opposed to but different from that of

time and achievement

have a pilgrim soul.

They seek to enter the dimension

of eternity.


To be a pilgrim is to be a searcher,

a searcher for entry into the

dimension of eternity.

This cannot be known in ways

in which we know,

it cannot be reached by ways

we have already understood.

To set out on this journey,

it is necessary to know that we

do not know.


The struggle to know who I am,

in truth and in spirit is

the spiritual quest.

The movement in myself

from the mask to the face,

from the personality to the person,

from the performing actor to the

ruler of the inner chamber,

is the spiritual journey.

To keep the flame of spiritual yearning alive

is to be radically open

to the present time and to refuse

to settle for comforting

religious dogma,

philosophical certainties, and social sanctions.


Who am I?

Out of fear and out of desire,

I betray myself.

I am who I am not.

I cover my face with many masks,

and even become the masks.

I am too busy performing who I think I am

to know who I really am.

I am afraid:

I may be nothing other than what I appear

to be.


Who wears this mask?

In response to a little knock

at the door of my consciousness,

I ask

“who is it?”

No naming is sufficient.

What I seek is to see and touch

 the face of the One who calls.


We are – each one of us –

on a journey, a journey without end,

with a longing for the Infinite.

Some of us wish to speak

from a pilgrim soul

to another pilgrim soul.

What is a pilgrim soul?

It is a soul that says “not yet,”

that has a certain restlessness,

a willingness to put up with some discomfort,

a hunger for the unknown,

an inquiry, to no known fixed positions,

a reverence for the journey, a willingness to be surprised.


If you want to know how God is working in your life…look backward.

Fr. Rex